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HYDROGUARD® Waterproof Breathable Technology

HydroGuard is a registered trademark of Starensier/Cosmo. It is a Polyurethane Membrane which
can be laminated to basically any textile. the membrane is watertight and very stretchable,
thus particularly suitable for use in footwear and apparel.

HydroGuard waterproof-breathable membranes are covered in billions of microscopic pores,
giving the laminate its unique waterproof-breathable properties. Water droplets are too large to
pass through the membrane, keeping you dry, but the pores are the perfect size to let small water
vapor molecules (sweat and body moisture) escape rather than building up inside of your boot.

ROCKROOSTER footwear have a breathable waterproof membrane that guarantees a dry and
comfortable environment for your feet. Hydroguard guarantees long time protection and is also
environmentally friendly, which sets it apart from many other waterproof membranes.

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