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How to care for the boots

The Professional Guide to Cleaning and Caring for Your Leather Boots
To users of ROCKROOSTER, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that we have a strong commitment to all leather boots.
Whether your boots are covered in mud, sawdust, or grease dirt, the first step in restoring them always starts with cleaning. For any non-suede leather, a simple horsehair or other stiff-bristled brush will work.
First, remove the laces from each pair. Then with the brush, start off as gentle as possible, moving over areas of dirt, grime, and dust until they’re removed.
If conditioning with oil leather, like tumbled leather, crazy horse leather, waxy full-grain leather, etc, use natural boot oil or cream to your boots' leather with a dry clean cloth. Let it dry naturally.
As a pro, we suggest a lot of products to protect your suede and nubuck leather boots from most dirt. Depending on the substance that
caused the stain , this is what you will need:
Nubuck and suede brush or self-clean sponge to remove easy external dirt

Gum for dry cleaning the leather boot exterior and removing stubborn stains

Combi foam to wash off water and salt stainsNubuck and suede protector spray to enhance the color and to protect against rain
Follow these instructions below:
Brush gently the dirt off or worn shiny areas on the shoe surface with the brush or self-clean sponge to restore the nap of the suede

In case of stubborn stains, clean the surface by rubbing the magic gum gently onto areas to be cleaned and brush out

Shake the combi foam and smear it onto the leather boot with the nubuck and suede brush

Apply water with a soft rag for cleansing

Dry off gently by dipping a dry rag onto the leather boot to remove most liquid

Let the leather boot dry for a couple of hours while placing a rag, a kitchen towel or a newspaper into the shoe to absorb water (yet be careful the newspaper ink doesn’t run out)

Take the leather boot to a well-ventilated area, spray it sparingly and evenly from a 30 cm distance with the nubuck and suede protector spray and let dry

Polish the leather boot with a soft brush
Every type of leather is different so always test the product beforehand on areas that other people can’t see, such as the back of a strap or the breast of the suede or nubuck heel.
Probably the easiest step is simply letting your boots dry. You’re probably wondering: Why the hell is this a step? Well, some people manage to mess up the simple act of drying out their boots. Set them aside in a cool, dry place for at least a day.
Do NOT put them next to a heater, fireplace or other sources of extreme heat. This will dry out the leather to an extreme and cause the skin to potentially crack.
At the end of the 24 hours spent drying, you can re-lace your boots and resume wearing them to your heart’s content. They should look rejuvenated and youthful again, hopefully giving you yet another reason to wear them.
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